Fer Quirarte

“He is the owner of a polyphonic look, without fear, humorous and social.”   His work (cartoons, paintings, jewelry and illustrations) has been published in newspapers, catalogs and magazines. He works either with  digital or traditional mediums. Dolores Tapia, Gente Bien Magazine 2013

 Drawing is his native language. Mexican multidisciplinary artist. 5 times selected winner  at the “American Illustration – American Photography” Latin-American edition contest. Jury at social poster design competitions. Tireless narrator. The world of design, the power  of images and the forcefulness of speech are his creative territory. His scope reaches: children’s issues, humor, fashion, social issues, and everything from the day by day experiences. Quirarte has no fears to jump from one technique to another; at the end -for him- the message is what it matters. He loves piñatas and kites.


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