“It will be a ghost?”

“O hundreds of black ants?”

He gave her a bite, and then another, until he ate it all.

What shadows are made of? Our playful dog ate it all but then wants it back and asks for help to the stars, the moon, and the sun. Will he recover it?

Fer Quirarte, multidisciplinary Mexican artist, writes and illustrates a book with a clever use of the palette of colors, the most lively and loud , but with clean lines worthy of the first schools of art books . Plays with forms and follows the technique of “silhouette” (color) and refers to certain aspects of the shadow theater.

The double-page illustrations are so evocative to lead us to meditate, that really here, the words are superfluous.

Doctor in children’s literature Angela Articon / Università degli Studi di Foggia 2015

The dog that ate its own shadow

Is it possible for a playful dog to eat its own shadow? What are shadows made of? With the help of the sun, the moon and the stars join this dog on a colorful journey of imagination.  And don’t worry about the ants around the book, they do not bite, trust me!

 libro libro2

Captain Pacifier

Valentina Rizzi story about pirates and pacifiers.

Capitan Ciuccio Capitan Ciuccio_2


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