Fer Quirarte

Artist & Designer


Drawing is my native language. I am a multidisciplinary artist. The world of design, the power of images and the forcefulness of speech are my creative territory. My scope reaches: humorous, fashion, social issues, and everything from the day by day experiences. I have no fears to jump from one technique to another, at the end the message is what it matters.

I have been six times selected winner of the American Illustration – American Photography Latin America Edition. The jewelry chamber of my state and the International Film Festival of Guadalajara call me to create a collection in silver to award the Mexican artist Maria Victoria. I paint Italian singer Laura Pausini for her 20-year career. I am a jury of international competitions of graphic image. The Mobilizing Teams International consulting organization asks me to collaborate as a guest artist in a workshop for entrepreneurs in Colombia. I make a photographic series in Paris. My illustrated album in Italian is at the book fair in Bologna. The Design and Arts University of Beijing invites me to be part in a traveling collective exhibition.

My images are small fragments that are part of a story.
I am a narrator. I talk about issues that interest me, from day to day. Of the Mexican traditions (charros – Mexican cowboys, process of elaboration of the tequila, fliers of Papantla, mariachi, roosters …), of the pigeons … of that which inspires me and catches my attention. I have gone from aesthetic, folkloric themes to topics with a deep social commitment. Topics that hurt such as interfamily violence or issues of gender equity, human rights. The important thing is the message, what am I going to say. Then I choose the medium: photography, drawing, painting, jewelry, fashion … as appropriate. The technique I understand as a language, I choose the one I think is best for expressing what I want to say.

Having the ability of drawing, the ability to express yourself through art or design, is to have a voice, a voice that I take care of it and take it with responsibility, I question what to say and how to say. I am a sensitive and observant person. I am inspire by everyday situations and in my dreams, in nature, with their colors, textures, sounds, music, silence, sea … Living in the 21st century gives you the possibility of having unimaginable information in the palm of the hand. To be able to navigate the history, to know the classics, to review the stages and development of humanity. See what is generate on the other side of the world instantly, of all that I am nurturing.

Being a multidisciplinary artist means adding up, exploring new fields, studying new disciplines, acquiring new technical knowledge, being surprised and leaving the comfort zone. My life is a constant creative pursuit.

I fight for my dreams. They arrive as tall as I want. All start with having a firm roots and then take the flight. I loves piñatas and kites.