Fer Quirarte

Artist & Designer


Cloe by Fer Quirarte

Mexico is trendy!

The relationship between art, design and fashion is something that I had studied through my work, taking inspiration from Mexico, reflecting it with a modern, vibrant and colorful approach. I find in Cloe this passion in common through this capsule collection made up of handbags, wallets and shoes that integrate in my graphic art.

This collection consists of seven silhouettes: four bag silhouettes and three of footwear. A tote, a bowling, a backpack and a cross body make up the collection of handbags and sneakers, running platforms and sandals make up the footwear collection. All the pieces have printed fragments of my piece titled Ā«Birds of ParadiseĀ» inspired on the typical Mexican textiles. Through this reinterpretation, the result is an image where the traditional meets the contemporary.

Art unites us and helps us break barriers, beautifies our spirit and inspires us. Cloe thinks that art should be part of our daily life, should accompany us at all times in any of its expressions. This collection is art to wear, it inspires us by its originality and freshness, invites us to live in design or in the strength of a stroke, in color or in a detail that It thrills and that is achieved through the Cloe Gallery Collection by Fer Quirarte.